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A Summer Beauty

Let your beauty shine!

An Inner Beauty Rating Community for Summer Lovers
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
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1. Don't be rude.
2. Try your hardest.
3. Tell what you truly think, not what we want to hear.
4. Under the "What you think" section, where it says me: put I look beautiful in the summer glow!
5. For your lj-cut text put "Do I have that Summer glow?"
5. Make sure that you don't mess with the HTML of the application.
6. Have fun!
7. Please, post your application the day you join, if you're not able leave a post with "New Applicant" as your subject line.

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1. Be nice to applicants.
2. Vote on them fairly.
3. Be active.
4. Participate as much as you can.
5. If you're going on hiatus, please leave a post not under a lj-cut.
6. Have fun!
7. Leave your vote in the subject line or have your vote bolded in the text box.
8. Voting on each new applicant will last for 2 days, so make sure you get in your votes on time. Late votes will not count without excuse!

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* I've decided to have 2 applications, an inner beauty application and an outter beauty application.

Please choose one of the following applications!

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You may post a picture if you'd like, it's not mandatory.

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If you could, please include your contact information for the members page. If you would not like that information displayed, that is fine:)

The inner beauty application will be based 100% on personality and the outter beauty application will be based 50% on looks 50% on personality.


The new theme is: draw a picture of you in the summer in your paint program, no matter how bad it is - post it:) [40 points]

The Hunt [60 points]
(Do a Google Image Search for all of these, unless you already have some on your computer):
- A barbie
- A chicken
- The college you want/did attend (this can be a link)
- Maine
- Your home state
- Your favorite actor/actress
- A sunset
- A sunrise
- The number 13.
- Your favorite kind of pizza
- Your favorite article of clothing

All themes/hunts must be posted by: Monday, July 4th.

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e-mail- punkrockfrowzy@yahoo.com
AIM- turnstochaos

Jess [Faye]

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Jess [Faye]

Lacey [Lace]



Leesa Marie

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madhattersalice - For leaving the community with no reason.

Please Promote to your user info, that would be great!

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If you'd like to make a banner for the community, just make a post on the journal!

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To recieve an auto accept/auto reject you need 100 points. For applying and being accepted, you recieve 20< points. For participating in a theme, you receive 50 points (depending on the nature of the theme), for posting a random post you get 10 points, for promoting (to your info or to a community) you get 10 points per link/place. For making banners you get 15. Picture posts get you 25. Also, if you can get two members to join, you get 100 points. Pretty good, 'eh?

The first member to reach 300 points will be "Co-beauty for a week."

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(If you'd like to be a sister community please comment on the main journal page! We are always looking for sister communities!)