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About You:

Name: Lynn
Nickname/What you'd like to ba called[If anything]: I just prefer my name, Lynn
Age: 13
Location: Dracut, Mass
Birthday[optional]: January 9th

How you feel about...:

Summertime: I love the summertime! First of all, because school is out. My pool is open. And it is warm outside.
Beaches: I absolutley love the beach. I like to go swimming at the beach, but I would rather read a book or tan on the beach. I also love to go in the winter/fall because no one is there.
Family: I think family is very important. And I feel horrible for kids in foster homes etc. I don't know whay I wpuld do without my family.
Abortion: I think abortion is wrong....because you are killing an innocent life. The only time I think it is okay if the person was raped.
Gay Marriage: If two people love eachother they should be able to get married.
Religion[in general]:
Lying: I think lying isnt right but everyone does it including me. I only lie about minor things.
Me: I look beautiful in the summer glow!

This or That:

Sandals or Sneakers: Sandals
Peanut Butter or Jelly: PeanutButter
Black & White or Color: Color
Swimming or Skiing: Swimming.
Summer or Winter: I love both!
Telephones or cell phones: Telephone
Shorts or Tank tops: TankTops

Your Choice

Please, choose one:
What do you think makes the Summertime beautiful or what makes you beautiful? I think i am beatiful on the inside because I am a very caring person. I would do anything to help a family member or a friend. I can be shy at times but once you get to know me I am very easygoing and fun. :]

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