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About You:

Nickname/What you'd like to ba called[If anything]:my nickname is Cae. But you all can call me whatever you want.
Location:Eugene OR
Birthday[optional]:June 2

How you feel about...:

Summertime:I love it but it gets to hot. I cannot handle heat very well.
Beaches:Aw I love them. They are one of my favorite places to go.
Family:My family is a little bit screwy, well very screwy. But I am glad that I have them. Mostly my friends are my family though, since they take better care of me then my family does. I am farly close to my mum and my sister. Family is important I suppose, mine is always there for you if you get in trouble.
Abortion:I am pro choice. You should be able to decided whether or not you want an abortion. In a lot of cases it is probably a lot better for the mother and the child if you get an abortion. For explain, if you get pregnat as a result of rape, I know I wouldn't want to go through with it. If the child would be born with server defects, if the mother is on drugs.
Gay Marriage:Let them marry. No skin of our backs. Who is it hurting to let them marry? I was listening to the radio and it was saying all these reasons why gays should not be aloud to marry. the reasons were like, "It will harm our children." "the population will go down" (it wont, but I would like to know why that is a problem? we have a popultion problem...) "they are trying to take over the world" All of that is a load of crap. It harms no one and we should all have the same rights.
Religion[in general]:Its not a bad thing, NORMALLY. A lot of religions seem away with themselves because of the followers. People take things to far, and try to jusify it because of their religion. But it is fine if you have something that you believe in, it's great accutally. I dont' believe in god. I have some small shinto beliefs and think that living things do have spirits. Religion is a good thing to have for most people. A lot of people need something to believe in and help them though tough times. I've never believed in god, though my sister tried to take me to church and have my pray a lot when I was younger, but it never stuck. I questioned everything that she said and evenutally decided that for me there is no god.
Lying:Lying about big things is bad. Lying to hurt someone is bad. Lying to those who love you and trust you is bad (in most cases, I have done it sometimes but only when I thought it was best.) I do lie, but about little silly things. and normally I say right after wards, "That isn't true! I have no idea why I said that" I tend to open up my mouth and have words spill out, then have no idea why I said them. I once told my friend a half hour long story about a portapotty before I realized none of what I was saying accutally happened. Then I told her that was all a lie, and we both laughed. It hurts when someone lies to you about sometimes big. I think when someone gets cought in a lie they should just admit to it, I will forgive them a lot faster then if they keep going with it.
Me:I look beautiful in the summer glow!

This or That:

Sandals or Sneakers:Sandals
Peanut Butter or Jelly:Peanut butter
Black & White or Color:color
Swimming or Skiing:neither
Summer or Winter:winder
Telephones or cell phones:neither. I hate phones.
Shorts or Tank tops:Tank tops.

Your Choice

Please, choose one:
What do you think makes the Summertime beautiful or what makes you beautiful?What makes me beautiful: I am always covered in paint and glitter. I am always dancing around the house, or wherever I am. I try to make everyone aruond me smile because smiles are just so much better then tears. I try to make people around me laugh. I will listen to everyones problems and help them if I can, if I don't know how I won't try to give addvice because I might mislead them, but I will be there for them. I try to meet at least one new person everyday, and in the ssummer I give at least one strange a flower every week. I smile at those who pass me by and greet them.

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